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Specialised Training Services Essex Ltd (STSE Ltd) was set up in 2003 to provide quality training for the public and private sector. We specialise in providing Community Safety Accreditation training on behalf of several police services throughout the country. Please contact us on: 07921254909 or 01304 351179 Email: ianlodge@mac.com What is the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS)? The idea was introduced by the Police Reform Act 2002. It empowered the Chief Officer of each police service area to introduce a scheme whereby any organisation that work in the field of "community safety" can be accredited and given certain powers to deal with nuisance and anti social behaviour. These powers range from issuing penalty notices for dog fouling, littering, graffiti and other offences to seizing alcohol from street drinkers, dealing with beggars and directing and controlling traffic on public roads. This scheme is open to both public and private sector organisations. Before any organisation and personnel within the organisation can be accredited they have to undergo a vetting process. The Act also specifies that Accredited Persons must also be "properly trained." The courses provided by STSE ltd fulfil this criteria. Please contact the appropriate police service for full details. We have run CSAS for various organisations including Hackney, Redbridge, Thurrock, Birmingham and York councils as well as various private sector organisations. References available on request. We provide a 5-day course or a shorter 2-day course with distance leaning. Please contact us for more details. We also provide other courses covering communication and conflict management skills as well as diversity awareness and traffic control.


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